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Whether you are buying or selling a business, valuing a business, searching for ways to improve value through operational excellence, you want experienced people by your side. Our team of value experts is made up of professionals with decades of real-life business experience and skills. We've helped companies in good times and bad, domestically and internationally, from startup to mature. Delivering Value through Strategy and Experience.
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Capturing value through a sale, determining your business value, or growing shareholder value.
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Our team specializes in all aspects of business value. We work with companies to identify and implement strategies to grow value through our proven process that works both sides of the valuation equation. We are business valuation/appraisal experts that determine the value of businesses for anything from assessing a sale opportunity to gifting shares to family. Our team of CPA's, CVA's, CGMA's, and MBA's can handle any complex situation.
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Maximize Business Value
We help business owners in Northern Michigan sell their companies to realize the maximum value they have worked so hard to create. Using our experience to navigate the process of selling your business, we can prepare the business for sale, locate buyers, negotiate terms, and work with the Company’s legal counsel to close the deal. We are experts at the sale process so you can sell with confidence.
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Determining Business Value
Valuation projects include determining transaction values for business sales and acquisitions, litigation and dispute resolution, determination of estate values and gift valuations, fair value determination for financial reporting, bankruptcy-related issues, along with many others. Our expert backgrounds and decades of experience make us uniquely qualified to help you with any any valuation need.
Business Valuation Services Services
Increasing and Preserving Value
CFO level services designed to enhance internal capabilities, flex when resources are stretched, or assist when a crisis arises. Providing experienced high-level resources to supplement your internal resources when a complex situation or crisis comes along or you have grown beyond your in-house needs. These services are designed to enhance or preserve value for all stakeholders.
Growth and Value Consulting Services
Planning, Analysis & Readiness
We help both companies that are strategically growing through acquisition and financial buyers searching for a good investment opportunity. We assist companies in the design and implementation of a strategy to buy a competitor, add a product line, or vertically integrate a supplier or customer. Often, we help financial buyers identify targets fitting their investment criteria and assist with due diligence to complete the transaction.
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Capital Strategies
We help companies determine their capital needs, whether debt or equity, and then create strategies to find sources of capital. This includes analyzing ideal amounts of leverage for your company to perform at its best, and to deliver the best return to owners with the appropriate amount of risk. We can work with a company to ensure its capital structure is efficient and adequate to succeed.
Business Capital Sourcing Services
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