What We Do For You

We help companies determine their optimal capital structure, and then create strategies to find sources of debt and equity capital.  This includes analyzing ideal amounts of leverage for your company to perform at its best, and to deliver the best return to owners with the appropriate amount of risk. 


The Value to You

A company with insufficient capital cannot achieve its full potential and is at risk of not carrying out its mission and having the wrong balance of debt and equity can negatively impact returns to owners.  We can work with a company to ensure its capital structure is efficient and adequate to succeed.     



The first step in sourcing capital is to determine how much is needed, and we have the models and experience to do this.  We then further analyze the type and cost of various forms of capital and can help you model appropriate targets.   Once targets are established, we can help you move towards building a pitch and building a strategy to seek sources. 

Our team knows all the banks and debt capital lending sources in our Northern Michigan market and can help to identify others on a more regional or national level if required.  Through strong relationships and affiliations, we can help companies seeking equity investment set the correct strategy and make connections.

Example Services:
  • Capital Strategy Planningfinancial modeling dgn advisory
  • Financial Modeling
  • Transaction Readiness Services
  • Commercial Loan Sourcing – New Loans and Re-Finance
  • Pitch Deck Creation
  • Capital Raise Due Diligence Support