What We Do For You

Our business brokerage services prepare, market, and negotiate the best terms for the sale of your business to maximize the proceeds received and minimize the impact and disruption to your business.  Our experience, discrete process, and beginning-to-end approach ensures the best result for you in this important and complex process.  We specialize in transactions greater than $1 million, with a successful track record.  Our knowledge of the Northern Michigan market makes us the best choice to represent regional businesses for sale, working with buyers from around the world to find the "best buyer" for each situation.      


Our Process

What sets us apart is that we run a process that is discrete and confidential.  We do not advertise your business for sale or indiscriminately send emails to broad audiences, activities that can damage a business.  Our process is a confidential and methodical outreach to individual potential buyers.
Step 1 - Establishing Expectations 

The process of selling a business can be long and grueling, with many twists and turns.  The key to success is a steady hand to be your guide.  

Time:  The time required to sell a business is often underestimated.  Ideally, the exit and transition process should start 1-2 years in advance, to maximize cash flows and minimize risks.  Once the active sale process starts, it often takes 9-12 months to market and complete the transaction.   

Value:  The value of a company is often misunderstood.  Aligning on realistic value expectations increases the success of the transaction by having no surprises.  Beyond the value of the business, a seller’s proceeds can be impacted by the transaction structure and taxes.  Our team has all the tools and experience to capture maximum value. 


Step 2 - Assembling the Team 

We know the key to a transaction’s success is a strong team and will assist in organizing the seller's trusted advisors.  A seller’s attorney, CPA, and investment advisor are key to the process and we will involve them throughout the process. 


Step 3 - Preparing for Sale 

We know what information to include in a formal selling memorandum, and we build this crucial document to highlight your business in the best light possible.  A professionally prepared confidential information memorandum will give your business credibility and help buyers gain confidence.


Step 4 - Finding Buyers 

The two basic types of buyers are strategic and financial.  Strategic buyers are other businesses, looking to grow through acquisition, and are good candidates to purchase your business because they can often pay a premium due to synergies.  Financial buyers are seeking businesses for investment purposes and can often energize a business by providing capital and resources to accelerate growth.  Identifying buyers and determining the best buyer for your business is why you need our experienced team on your side.


Step 5 - Negotiating the Transaction

Once a buyer is found, negotiating and structuring the transaction is at the heart of capturing value.  The process can be stressful and emotional for all parties and an experienced team can make the difference between success and failure.  Our team works as the intermediary and coordinates with your legal team to ensure the transaction goes smoothly.   


Step 6 - Surviving Due Diligence

Once a buyer is found, and the terms of the deal are outlined, a detailed due diligence process begins.  This diligence will involve financial and legal reviews that can be very difficult and time-consuming.  Many deals fall apart in this stage without an experienced advisor by your side.  Our team will test your ability to survive due diligence early in the process and manage requests to provide the least disruption to your business.    


Key Considerations in the Sale Process

  • Setting Expectations of Timing and Valuation due diligence dgn advisory
  • Managing Business Disruption 
  • Maintaining Confidentiality  
  • Planning for Maximum Value  
  • Maintaining Stamina and Energy 
  • Planning for Owner Transition and Reduced Dependence
  • Preparing for Due Diligence





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